Kampar-Kerumutan Initiative

Manka aims to encourage the protection of forest areas and biodiversity outside of conservation areas through this program.

Manka is currently forming the Serumpun coalition (Save the Kampar-Kerumutan Ecosystem) with the Elang Association (elang.or.id) and EcoNusantara (econusantara.org), with the goal of restoring the Kampar-Kerumutan landscape as one of the pilot projects for achieving NetFOLU Sink 2030 and CBD 30 by 30.

Youth and Jakarta City Program

Manka’s goal with this program is to encourage young people to participate in dialogue or development policy forums in Jakarta, particularly those dealing with climate change and environmental issues.

Manka is collaborating on a joint effort with DLH Jakarta and Unilever to reduce plastic waste in DKI Jakarta through dialogue and promotional events.

Accelerating Climate Finance

In collaboration with Ministry of Home Affair Directorate General for Regional Development, Manka aims at supporting the establishment of a sub national level system that will allow local initiatives to access finances and at same time inform the high standard of safeguard to the local actors.

Manka is currently drafting task of function of a propose institution for environment control at Provincial Level and initial scoping for entry to provinces for: Aceh, Riau, Central Kalimantan, West and or East Kalimantan and South Sulawesi.