Perkumpulan Mandala Katalika Indonesia (Manka),
a community organization engaged in the environmental field​

Our Mission

Perkumpulan Mandala Katalika Indonesia (Manka) is established in 2021 as Jakarta-based environmental community organization registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia.

Manka work to support: Accelerating the flow of climate finance, facilitate conservation policy options beyond forest status area, and foster more actors involved in the climate discussion

Manka has a vision of becoming a catalyst to the various efforts related to sustainable development. The name “Mandala Katalika” portrays an institution that promotes constructive transformation of humanity and the universe.

Our Action

Accelerating the flows of climate finance​

Providing technical assistance for the acceleration and distribution of environmental fund initiatives to CSOs and communities at the local level.

Promoting the inclusion of non-state actors into climate change policy​

Facilitating the younger generation in Jakarta City, and religious base actor in wider Indonesia to undertake an active and constructive role in climate change concerns and policies.

Increasing area with conservation outcome​

Providing technical assistance for the conservation of biodiversity sites outside the conservation areas through essential ecosystem schemes.