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Board of supervisor

State Administrative Law expert consultant with expertise in law, state administration, and government policy.

Dr. Adrian Rompis

Padjadjaran University's
Faculty of Law lecturer

Director of the Biology Masters Study Program at the UNAS Postgraduate School. Expert and practitioner of primate conservation in Indonesia.

Dr. Tatang Mitra Setia

Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Biology
at the National University of Jakarta


Arta is an environmentalist who was born in 1981 and has worked for more than 15 years in Indonesia on various conservation and environmental issues. As Chairman of the Manka Association, Arta also serves as the Director of Activities, responsible for agreed-upon outcomes, monitoring at the output level, and managing relationships with stakeholders within the agreed-upon scope of cooperation.

Juliarta Bramansa Ottay

Chairman and Director

Tomi is a conservation practitioner with experience in on-site activities. The main areas of interest are forest and wildlife management. As Perkumpulan Manka's General Secretary, Tomi also serve as program manager, responsible for achieving outputs and managing activities, identifying and managing additional support for activity implementation, and managing interactions during activity implementation.

Tomi Ariyanto

Sekretaris Umum/Program Manager

Teges Ayu serves as the General Treasurer for Manka. He is a public relations professional who has spent over 15 years studying public relations and journalism. His early interest in communication, public relations, and journalism led Teges to continue his education at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, where he majored in Communication-Journalism in 2000.

Teges Ayu


Rangga has a long career in finance and accounting at various national companies and organizations. Rangga has worked in finance and accounting for over ten years, including at Trans FnB, Youreka, and Tingtong Suara Bahagia. His interest in the environment and climate change has grown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rangga Moslem

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